Friday, March 1, 2013

Chay Viet, Berlin Germany

Location: Brunnenstra├če 164, 10119 Berlin, Germany

I really want to like Chay Viet. I mean it is a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant. Last time we ate here we had one good dish and two not so good dishes (the pho was barely edible which was extremely disappointing). Since the restaurant is near my husbands work we decided to give it another try for dinner one night. We started with Bun La Loc - soy veggie fillet bundles with rice noodles, salad and sauce. This was....just not good. I mean the rice noodles were still a little hard like last time so they were hard to eat, the flavors were just off and it was just really bad.

We also tried one of the curries as really how do you make a bad curry? Well I am not sure how they did it, but they succeeded. It was water and had no flavor which is strange as well curry should be flavorful at the very least. It was really very disappointing.

Overall - Skip Chay Viet. No matter how much I want to like it, the food is just not good. It has been pretty empty in there both times we have stopped by and it is no wonder since we will not be going back there again.

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  1. Hey Jen, Thanks for all your reviews of vegetarian restaurants in Berlin. I only recently discovered Chay Viet and contrary to your experience, I found the food really amazing - maybe they've since your visit have found their stride. I've been to Chay Viet now several times, and I love the noodle soups other than the pho and the pancake - maybe give it another try :). I also recently discovered Chay Village, and have only been to the Friedrichshain branch; I'm looking forward to trying the Sch├Âneberg one too.