Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chay Village, Berlin Germany

Location: Eisenacher Stra├če 40, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Since the food on our first visit was so good we had to go back to Chay Village again. We started with the fresh rolls again because they were just so good the first time. I am not sure why they are so much tastier than others, but they are delicious.

I also couldn't bring myself to not order the pho. I mean it is incredible and it has been so long since I have had pho (I used to eat it at least once a week when we lived in Seattle, and it has been at least 7 months since I have had good pho so I have lots of time to make up for!)

Raymond ordered the Bun La Loc - grilled veggie fillet bundles with spices, rice noodles, salad, and sauce. We had a similar dish at Chay Viet which I did not like at all, but these were actually quite good. Raymond loved it. The dishes are all spiced well and are delicious.

Overall - Chay Village is very good. Everything we have had here has been amazing. Next time we agreed we have to try all new things as it is too easy to just get the same amazing dishes every time. Definitely skip Chay Viet and go to Chay Village.

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