Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Max Pett, Munich Germany

Location: Pettenkoferstra├če 8, 80336 Munich, Germany

For breakfast our last day on vacation we decided to try Max Pett. I didn't see anything much about breakfast on their website, but some of the reviews I read mentioned it. We opted to try the Bavarian breakfast - sausages and a pretzel with mustard. This was good, but not the best I have had. The sausages were good, they came in a casing you had to take off. The mustard was sweet and not too bad (I am not a big mustard fan so I didn't eat much of it). The pretzel however was...well it was really hard and not as good as the ones we got elsewhere. I was disappointed in the pretzel as well..I love soft pretzels.

We also tried the American breakfast - scrambled tofu, crepes, and corn flakes and bread. The crepes were tasty especially with the berry jam that came with the plate. The tofu scramble had tomato and ham and sausage and was really good, very nice flavors, but there was hardly any of it. The corn flakes are corn flakes and were fine. Overall I liked this option much better than the first, but I wish you would get more food, especially since it is more expensive.

Overall - I enjoyed Max Pett, but I think they are probably better for dinner rather than breakfast.

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