Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Max Pett, Munich Germany

Location: Pettenkoferstraße 8, 80336 Munich, Germany

For breakfast our last day on vacation we decided to try Max Pett. I didn't see anything much about breakfast on their website, but some of the reviews I read mentioned it. We opted to try the Bavarian breakfast - sausages and a pretzel with mustard. This was good, but not the best I have had. The sausages were good, they came in a casing you had to take off. The mustard was sweet and not too bad (I am not a big mustard fan so I didn't eat much of it). The pretzel however was...well it was really hard and not as good as the ones we got elsewhere. I was disappointed in the pretzel as well..I love soft pretzels.

We also tried the American breakfast - scrambled tofu, crepes, and corn flakes and bread. The crepes were tasty especially with the berry jam that came with the plate. The tofu scramble had tomato and ham and sausage and was really good, very nice flavors, but there was hardly any of it. The corn flakes are corn flakes and were fine. Overall I liked this option much better than the first, but I wish you would get more food, especially since it is more expensive.

Overall - I enjoyed Max Pett, but I think they are probably better for dinner rather than breakfast.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sfizy Veg, Berlin Germany

Location: Treptower Straße 95, 12059 Berlin, Germany

While looking for vegan places to try in Berlin I stumbled across Sfizy Veg in Neukölln. Their menu is kind of crazy - they have a ton of pizza options, calzones, pasta, bruschette, etc. Seriously they have way too many options it is hard to choose what to get. We decided to try out the three cheese pizza first. Something simple to get a taste of their normal pizzas This was really tasty. Raymond even liked it and he usually doesn't like a lot of vegan cheese. The dough is delicious and it is a lot of pizza.

We also tried the Chicken Masala - spinach, chickpeas, potatoes, tempeh chicken, broccoli and spices with some dough puffs sauce and cheese. This was a mess to try and eat, even with a fork and knife. It was however delicious! I liked it better than the three cheese one even though it was a little odd. I mean I never would have put Indian food on my pizza, but now I think I might try it next time I make a pizza at home. It was incredibly good. A little spicy, but really tasty. So so good.

We were way too full from our pizza to get dessert there, so we got a piece of peanut butter chocolate cake to take with us and eat later. I was very excited for this, especially after the delicious dinner we had but unfortunately it was not very good. The cake was kind of dry and the frosting didn't have much flavor and was a little like greasy. Like it coated your mouth and it just wasn't very good.

Overall - Definitely stop by Sfizy Veg if you are in Berlin. Really I think if you only go one place in Berlin this should be the place. It is tiny inside, and can take forever to get the food (if you come in right after everyone just ordered - they must not have a large kitchen) but it is well worth the wait. I wish we would have known about this place sooner - we are definitely going to be going back to try out more of their crazy pizzas. As Raymond said it is real pizza. It is also a lot of food. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yam Vegan Deli, Munich Germany

Location: Augustenstraße 5, 80333 Munich, Germany

Our first day in Munich we woke up and headed down to Yam Vegan Deli for some food. It is a tiny place and everything was kept in a display case so we picked out a few things to try. First was veggie bread with dip - a sweet potato bread with beet dip and greens. I was expecting this to be really good, but it was just alright. The bread was dry and not as flavorful as I would have expected.

Next up was the tofu sandwich - hummus, cucumber, greens, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, on a nut bread. The bread had such a strong flavor it overpowered everything else and that was all you could taste. Without the bread it would have been a very good sandwich as the fillings were super good by themselves, but the bread was way too strong.

Finally we tried the chocolate banana torte. This was really good. A nice balance of chocolate and banana and was creamy and delicious.

Overall - Everything seemed like it was going to be amazing, but unfortunately it either didn't have much flavor or was way too strong of a flavor. The torte was delicious and if we were in the area we might stop by for it again, but otherwise I would probably skip it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Royal Kababhaus, Munich Germany

Location: Arnulfstraße 5, 80335 Munich, Germany

Royal Kababhaus is a doner place that is very proud of the fact that it has vegan doner. There are signs all over about it and it seems to be quite popular. The guy running the place was so happy and friendly, even though he spoke so quickly we had a hard time understanding him. They have a seitan doner cooking just like the meat counterparts. They have a few different sauces to choose from that are vegan, hummus, beet, ginger, and a few others that I don't remember. The doner came with sauce, seitan, lettuce, cabbage, onion served in bread. I was a little skeptical about trying this out as it is at the train station and well I don't know. Doner places are everywhere and we have Voner in Berlin which has a similar doner. This one however was so tasty! I liked it way better than Voner or any other doner we have had. The seitan was really good and the sauces delicious.

Overall - Definitely check out Royal Kababhaus if you are in Munich. The people are very friendly and the doner is delicious.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cafe Sabroson, Salzburg Austria

Location: Linzer Gasse 27, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Our last day in Salzburg we needed someplace to eat dinner at. A lot of places were closed for winter break and so we decided to try out Cafe Sabroson for some pasta. We just got the spaghetti with a garlic, hot pepper, olive oil seasoning. It was good, but just like I make at home, or really mine might be better and not spicy at all. It was just alright, but there wasn't much else to choose from so it worked.

Overall - Cafe Sabroson was not the best. The pasta was alright, but I can make it myself at home for less.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spicy Spices, Salzburg Austria

Location: Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Whole walking around Salzburg we came across Spicy Spices and decided to check it out. We ordered a plate of the day with soup and a veggie patty plate. The soup was lentil with carrots and a slight Indian spiced, though it didn't have a lot of flavor. It was alright, not bad but not amazing either.

The plate of the day was a tofu curry (on the left) which was just alright. Kind of watery and not a lot of flavor. It was served with lentils which were seasoned much better and were quite tasty and a little spicy, tons of rice, and a potato dish which was a lot like scalloped potatoes - delicious and slightly sweet.

The veggie patties were also served with the tofu curry, lentils and potatoes. The patties themselves were delicious - lots of veggies (carrots, peas, potatoes) and nicely spiced.

Overall - We would stop by again next time we are in Salzburg. Some of the dishes were just okay, but some were really tasty is not a must go place, but it was good.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Indigo, Salzburg Austria

Location: Rudolfskai 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

After walking around all day we were quite hungry when we stopped by My Indigo for some dinner. I was excited to try the food since their website states how fresh and healthy it is. Everything is pre-made and just put in a bowl when you order. We tried the tofu and seitan curry. This was...not good. It just tasted like mushroom gravy, but not good mushroom gravy. The seitan was spongy and I didn't like it. Not good. Also there is a ton of rice in the bowl and barely any curry, so you end up eating a bowl of rice with a little bit of flavoring.

We also tried the sweet potato and bamboo curry. This one was much better than the first, but still not great. It was sweeter and had more flavor, but again was almost all rice. Also disappointing.

Overall - Skip My Indigo if you are in Salzburg. I wouldn't go back again as the food was just not good.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nagano, Salzburg Austria

Location: Getreidegasse 24, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

We had a late breakfast in Salzburg one day, but after walking around for a bit were slightly hungry but it was too early for dinner. We walked by Nagano and decided to stop for a small meal to hold us over until dinner time. We got some edamame which I always love. This was tasty as always. I don't think you can make it not good. All you have to do is steam it, add some salt or other seasonings and yum!

We also tried the tofu steak with rice. Soft tofu with a soy sauce glaze and steamed cabbage, carrots, zucchini and cauliflower. This was really tasty as well, very light and healthy feeling which is nice. Sometimes when we travel we eat a lot of junk so a nice healthy snack is always nice.

Overall - Definitely check out Nagano if you are in Salzburg. They have some tasty healthy vegan options.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, Salzburg Austria

Location: Bayerhamerstraße 13, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Our first night in Salzburg we decided to try Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. We started with the vegetable samosas - peas, potatoes, seeds served with three dips - a creamy one that is not vegan, a mango one that I am allergic to so I didn't try it, and a tamarind sauce which was delicious. The samosas was spiced well, though different from any that I had had before. Super tasty.

Next we tried the Sabzee Jhaldrezi - zucchini, peppers, onion, and tomatoes with North Indian spices. This was spiced well and a little hot, the vegetables were cooked well and it was a giant plate of food. Very good.

And finally we tried the chana masala - chickpeas with tomatoes and curry sauce. This was also giant plate of food. It was spiced well and a little cinnamony and just really really good. So much food, but so good.

Overall - I really enjoyed Taj Mahal. The servings were huge, the spices were not the usual flavors, but very tasty. I definitely would go back again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Coco's Asian, Vienna Austria

Location: Europaplatz 2, 1150 Vienna, Austria

We had a mid-day train out of Vienna on our last visit so we decided to grab some lunch at the Westbahnhoff to make sure we had enough time to eat and get on the train. When looking at the options we found Coco's Asian with two items listed as vegan. The first was a peanut vegetables served with white rice. I was kind of iffy when I saw it as it looked...well just not that good. It was however delicious! Kind of sweet which I liked, though Raymond did not, and very creamy. I would definitely go back for this again.

The second dish was tofu champaion - tofu and veggies in a soy sauce of some type. This was also tasty, but not as good as the peanut sauce. The tofu was kind of spongy and soaked up the soy sauce and it made it really salty - too salty for me, though Raymond enjoyed it.

Overall - If you are taking the train out of Vienna and need some food check out Coco's Asian. The food is pretty tasty with vegan options clearly marked.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Der Eisbarliner, Berlin Germany

Location: Gärtnerstraße 11, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Whenever we go near Der Eisbarliner we stop in to see what the flavors are. They had Stracciatella which we had never heard of before so we had to try it. The lady said it was like whipped cream with chocolate pieces. Kind of like chocolate chip, but the chocolate is lighter and flakier. Pretty tasty, though not like whipped cream. I think Raymond really enjoyed it.

Overall - Der Eisbarliner is amazing. Definitely some of the best ice cream in Berlin. If you are in the area definitely stop by.