Monday, March 11, 2013

Cupcake, Berlin Germany

Location: Krossener Stra├če 12, 10245 Berlin, Germany

One day while wandering we wanted some treats before we headed home. We stopped by Cupcake for some brownies and maybe a cupcake. They apparently do make vegan cupcakes, but we have never been able to get one when we stop by. They usually have brownies though, and this time they had both the peanut butter and the walnut. First up was peanut butter. This was alright, good, but not much peanut butter flavor.

The walnut one however was really tasty. Nice and soft and delicious.

Overall - The brownies at Cupcake are good, the walnut one being the better of the two. Apparently they also have cupcakes, but they have never had any when we stop by.

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