Thursday, March 7, 2013

Santa Maria, Berlin Germany

Location: Oranienstra├če 170, 10999 Berlin, Germany

One night after work we decided to check out Santa Maria for some margaritas and burritos. It was really busy but we found a place at the bar and started out with some guacamole. This was tasty and I wish we would have gotten more of it.

We tried both of the vegan burritos they offer. First was the Nopal - black beans, cactus cooked with white onions and green salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. This was marked as mild on the menu, but was really quite spicy. It was almost over my spice tolerance level. Really it was so spicy I couldn't really taste anything except black beans, though Raymond claimed the cactus was tasty. It was good, but too hot for my tastes.

The second vegan option they have is the Verduras - black beans and a combination of grilled aubergine and bell peppers basted in a tart tamarind dressing and habanero salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. This one was listed as medium hot, but it was not nearly as spicy as the other burrito. Really the people working there were telling others how incredibly hot the habanero salsa was so I was expecting to not be able to eat this one at all, and since I started with the Nopal and that was supposed to be mild I didn't think I would be able to eat more than one bite. It really wasn't spicy at all though which was odd. It was tasty and I liked it better than the first one.

Overall - They weren't my favorite burritos, but they were tasty. I would definitely come back though as I liked the atmosphere and the drinks were great.

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