Friday, August 31, 2012

Tanne B, Berlin Germany

Location: Eisenbahnstraße 48, 10997 Berlin, Germany

When we first visited Berlin in 2010 we went to Tanne B for ice cream and it was at the time the best ice cream I have ever had. They had a soy chocolate that was just amazing. The best ice cream I had had vegan or non. Recently in Stogo in New York might claim that title (probably because they have super fun flavors), but this would be a close second. We stopped by and unfortunately they did not have soy chocolate that day which was a little bit sad. They did have hazelnut and Raymond wanted to try it so I said okay even though I wasn't expecting it to be very good. I mean hazelnut...sure but it is not going to be great and the best thing ever. I was wrong. This was amazing! Seriously I never would have ordered it and was ready to walk out without getting anything, but this was...I am glad Raymond wanted some. I am not even a huge hazelnut fan...the ice cream here is so creamy and delicious. It makes me want some right now...I think it is good that we don't like closer or I would eat here all the time!

Overall - Definitely stop by here if you ever are in the area. Or even if you are close-ish. The vegan ice cream is the best we have had in the city, maybe a tie with Der Eisbarliner.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Voner, Berlin Germany

Location: Boxhagener Straße 56, 10245 Berlin, Germany

With all of the doner places in Berlin it wasn't long before I wanted to check out Voner - vegan doner! This is a tiny place and they even have a giant piece of seitan roasting like the doner meats which is a bit silly to me, but I suppose makes it like the meat counterpart. This voner consisted of the seitan meat, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and sauce on the doner bread and grilled. It was pretty tasty and I know this photo doesn't look very big, but it was huge! I think it would have been a lot of food to eat on my own so I was glad I was sharing it with Raymond.

We also tried the seitan nugget plate. This came with salad and fries and was also a ton of food. We were barely able to finish it all.  The seitan nuggets were chewy and alright but seemed like they were overcooked, the fries were crispy and good, the salad was mostly cabbage and was just alright - I didn't really like the sauce that was served on it though.

Overall - Voner was pretty tasty and I would go back and get another voner when I am in the mood.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Funk You, Berlin Germany

Location: Gärtnerstraße 21, 13055 Berlin, Germany

Funk You had a stand at the market in Friedrichshain a sign for vegan cake! We had to try one of them - they had raspberry chocolate, but since we just had raspberry sorbet and Raymond doesn't like fruit and chocolate we went for the other options - chocolate nut. This was pretty tasty though the cake was a smidgen dry. There were nuts throughout as well as on top with a thick chocolate frosting that was delicious - not too sweet. They also have a storefront not too far away that we will have to stop in and see if they have other great vegan treats.

Overall - This cake was a nice treat and we need to go to the storefront to see what else they have for me to eat.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rosa Canina, Berlin Germany

Location: Pasteurstraße 32, 10407 Berlin, Germany

While riding our bikes around we came across a market to check out and found Rosa Canina across the street so of course we had to look for vegan options.  They had a raspberry basil sorbet so we had to get some to try (strawberry basil is amazing so I had high hopes for this). I was a little disappointed - it didn't really have a basil flavor it just tasted like raspberry which is good. I was just expecting something a little more. Still refreshing and tasty, but not what I was expecting.

Overall - the sorbet was good, but the flavor was not as strong as I had hoped. If I were in the area again I would stop in and try another flavor to see how it is.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Veganz, Berlin Germany

Location: Schivelbeiner Straße 34, 10439 Berlin, Germany

I have a hard time finding a good breakfast in Berlin besides something simple from the bakery. We went to Veganz before for brunch, but they also have some breakfast foods in their bakery as well as baked goods from Goodies. Raymond had been before and said they had tasty bagel sandwiches so went to check it out one morning.

We started with a croissant. This was just alright. An issue I have with a lot of croissants is the vegan margarine or whatever they use leaves a film in my mouth after I have eaten it which I really dislike. I have never had this issue with ones I make at home so I am not sure why I often find this is true for bakeries. This was also a little dense and not as light and flaky as I would have liked.

We also tired a cranberry orange scone. Scones are one of those things that they can be amazing or they can just be really dry and hard to eat. This fortunately was amazing! I can be kind of iffy on orange flavored bready stuff, but this wasn't overly orange so it was good. It was nice and moist and crumbly and delicious.

We then tried two bagel sandwiches. The first was a BBQ tofu bagel - a bagel with bbq tofu, cheese, lettuce and I'm not sure what else, but it was super tasty. The bbq sauce was super tasty and all the other toppings made for a really yummy bagel.

We also tried a hummus bagel with cucumbers, sprouts, tomato, lettuce and avocado. This was light and refreshing and so tasty. I think I liked this one better than the bbq as it just felt healthier. Super super tasty. I will have to go back and try some of the other bagel sandwiches and desserts.

Overall - You should stop in at Veganz for some tasty bagel sandwiches (and also any vegan groceries you might want).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maria Bonita, Berlin Germany

Location: Danziger Straße 33, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Maria Bonita is a tiny little Mexican restaurant in Prenzlaur Berg we stumbled across one day. We both ordered some of the veggie tacos without cheese to make them vegan. They were so amazing for how simple they were. The diced veggies (zucchini, peppers, potatoes, onion) are seasoned wonderfully and go great with the beans. I am usually just an eh on tacos as I think they are usually just okay, but these were amazing. These definitely converted me to a taco lover.

Overall - Maria Bonita is tiny and only has one or two vegan options, but they are amazing! If it is busy it might be hard to find a seat, but it is worth the wait. They also have great frozen margaritas. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Golden Buddha, Berlin Germany

Location: Gleimstraße 26, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Golden Buddha is a small Thai restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg.  They have a whole section of vegetarian items which can be made vegan, as well as all the noodle dishes (but not the rice dishes). They have summer rolls with tofu and veggies and a light sauce which are definitely one of my favorites. I am used to a peanut sauce being served with them, but this sesame sauce is pretty tasty.

For the entrees we ordered the green curry with soy pieces. This was pretty tasty, though Raymond was convinced the soy pieces were real meat so it freaked him out a bit. I knew it wasn't but they were still a little odd. The flavors were good though.

We also tried the Pad Thai with tofu no egg. This was just alright, not as good as some other ones we have had but not horrible either. I will still look out for a Thai place that has noodle dishes I can eat as most places have just curries.

Overall - I really liked Golden Buddha. The waiters were friendly, they have a nice outdoor area and the food was pretty good.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Der Eisbarliner, Berlin Germany

Location: Gärtnerstraße 11, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a ton of ice cream places which is great over the summer when it is hot out. Most of them have at least a sorbet that is vegan, and some even have vegan ice cream. We were at the market at Boxhagener Platz and stumbled upon Der Eisbarliner and the sign outside said vegan ice cream so of course we had to check it out. They had a soy chocolate that day and I remember the one I had when we were visiting at another shop so I had to try it. That and strawberry sorbet as I really like strawberry sorbet. Another great thing about the ice cream shops in Berlin - their waffle cones are vegan (for the most part)! This ice cream was amazing - I love the chocolate as it is so creamy and delicious. The strawberry is light and fruity and perfect for a hot day. I feel lucky to live in a city where I can get such good vegan ice cream!

Overall - I would check out Der Eisbarliner if you are in the area. The ice cream is great!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sun Day Burgers, Berlin Germany

Location: Mauerpark, Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany

There is a stand at the Mauerpark flea market that serves one thing - vegan burgers. Sun Day Burgers are super tasty. Lettuce, tomato, beets, coriander, sprouts, cucumber, fried tofu, fried onions, and your choice of sauces - Thai peanut, chipotle chili, and spicy pineapple chutney (recently changed from spicy mango chutney). I have yet to try it with the chutney since I am allergic to mango, but this is one of the best burgers ever! It is odd as it is just fried tofu as the base, but everything they put on it is amazing. I could eat these all the time.

Overall - if you are at the sunday flea market definitely get a burger. They also have a stand in Kreuzburg if you are down that way. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dirty South, Berlin Germany

When we stopped by Cupcake to get treats I had to use the restroom. They didn't actually have one there but they had one at their restaurant across the street, Dirty South. The sign outside said vegan options and when I walked in I instantly loved it. It is an American tex-mex bar and I loved the decor and the feel of the place. They have a few vegan options one of which was the vegan nachos. Chips with vegan chili, salsa, and guacamole. This was really tasty. I would not call the beans on it chilli - they were just like beans lightly spiced, but they were super tasty. And the guacamole was incredible. All in all it was super good and I will go back for it again. I didn't even miss a cheese substitute as it was good enough by itself.

We also tried the New Orleans vegan cajun tacos - cajun tofu with rice, corn and tomatoes in a corn tortilla. I really enjoyed this even though the tofu did not have a ton of flavor, the taco was stuffed super full so it was pretty messy to eat.

Overall - I really liked Dirty South. The food was tasty and I just really liked the feel of the place. We also had some tasty drinks and it was just a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cupcake, Berlin Germany

Cupcake is not an all vegan bakery, but they do have vegan options. We stopped by last time we were in Berlin and it was right before close and they didn't have any vegan cupcakes left. We have stopped by twice since we have been here and neither time they have had vegan cupcakes! For a place that is called cupcake you would think they would have some I could eat...oh well. Last time we stopped we got a vegan brownie and I am glad we did. This was amazing! Not quite as good as the brownies from Rise Above in St Catherine's Canada, but I don't know that anything could top that place. This was a close second. It was very chocolatey and delicious! I wish I had one right now...

Overall - Cupcake has not had vegan cupcakes any of the times we have gone there, but they do have amazing brownies!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yoyo Foodworld, Berlin Germany

Location: Gärtnerstraße 27, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Yoyo Foodworld is a vegan fast food restaurant owned by the same people who own Vego.We tried the schnitzelteller This was basically a chicken patty with some sweet sauce, french fries and a salad with taziki. It was alright, but again something I could replicate at home.

And a nugget wrap. Nuggets, salad, sauce and wrapped in a tortilla. This was delicious! The sauce was super tasty and really I would have been happy with just a salad and sauce wrap. The tortillas was really tasty as well - they seemed like they could have been homemade which is awesome. Perfect for a nice sunny day.

Overall - I really enjoyed Yoyo. The wrap was super amazing and we will definitely be going again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vego Foodworld, Berlin Germany

Location: Lychener Straße 63, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Vego Foodworld is a vegan fast food restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg. Raymond ate here a lot before I got to Berlin so I wanted to check it out. We ordered a Pizza Vego - pizza with tomato, soy cheese, veggies (eggplant, zucchini, carrots) and soy ham This was good, and I would get it again, but it wasn't my absolute favorite pizza ever, but it was good. The cheese did not have much flavor which is fine as if it was bad cheese it would have ruined it. The crust was tasty, but Raymond complained that it was too crusty. I just wish the toppings were more substantial.

We also tried the chicken cordon bleu sandwich with fries. The fries were super tasty - crunchy on the outside soft on the inside and just yum. The sandwich was really tasty, but it did not taste like cordon bleu. It tasted like a chicken sandwich with a little creamy dressing. Pretty tasty.

Overall - I enjoy our meal at Vego and I see why Raymond went there often. We will definitely be going back.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brunch at Veganz, Berlin Germany

Location: Schivelbeiner Straße 34, 10439 Berlin, Germany

My first day in Berlin was a Sunday so Raymond took me out to brunch at Veganz. Apparently Berlin is big on Brunch and there are a lot of vegan brunch buffets. I should have gotten a photo of the entire table, but I blame the jetlag. Here is my plate of deliciousness. There is a quiche thing, some tofu scramble with seitan, some roasted veggies, some cucumber salad, some beet salad, some rice, some beet and tempeh scramble and a few other salads. I really liked all of the beet dishes and the tofu scramble was pretty tasty. The roasted veggies were amazing. Really I liked most of it but the one salad that was peppermint flavored (yuck!). There were also lots of breads and bagels and such and cereals with soy, rice and oat milk. This was a great idea for my first day as I was so hungry! I could eat as much as I wanted.

There was also this dessert thing - like a chocolate pudding with raspberry gel stuff and bananas on top. It was really tasty and not very sweet which was perfect as I don't like super sweet in the morning. I'm not 100% sure what it was made out of, but since it was all vegan I didn't worry about it as it was tasty.

Overall - I enjoyed brunch at Veganz and I will have to go again sometime. After I check out the other brunch options around town :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Macaroni Grill, Lancaster PA

Location: Lancaster, PA, USA

So I normally don't eat at a lot of national chain restaurants. I had some coupons for Macaroni Grill and when visiting my mom we decided to use them (I have had them for years and never went in Seattle). My mom and I both chose the create your own pasta dish. My mom got the gluten free penne with pomodoro sauce, sun dried tomatoes, snap peas, and spinach. This was...just alright. I could make it better at home and have actual pieces of veggies in instead of slivers.

I ordered the capellini with garlic olive oil, cannellini beans, roasted tomatoes and asparagus. This was disappointing. The oil did not have much garlic flavor, so it was just like eating oily plain pasta. The roasted tomatoes were good and added some flavor to this otherwise disappointing dish.

Overall - I would not go to the Macaroni Grill normally. If there were a family event or something there I would go, but it would never be my top choice for restaurants.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cafe One Eight, Lancaster PA

Location: 18 W Orange St, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA

While visiting family in Lancaster we took a day to go to the market downtown and walked around a bit waiting for lunchtime. We happened to walk by Cafe One Eight. It was hot out and I needed a beverage so we walked in and while we were waiting I glanced at the menu. They had a wrap that sounded delicious and summer so we came back for lunch. The Vegan Wrap contained Hummus, cucumbers, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, grapes, apples, baby carrots, mixed greens, broccoli, tomatoes and balsamic dressing on a wheat wrap served with a side of fruit or chips. I chose chips since there was so much fruit in the wrap itself (and really the fruit was what drew me in as I never thought to put fruit in my wraps before). This was amazing! Seriously my favorite wrap ever. The fruit was nice and crisp as well as the veggies and the balsamic really brought it all together wonderfully. There were so many different things in this wrap and I loved it! I am definitely going to be recreating this at home. Especially on a nice hot summer day it is so refreshing and delicious.

Overall - Cafe One Eight is a small place with a few vegan options (or easily veganizable). I highly recommend the vegan wrap as it was amazing! Definitely stop in if you are in the area.