Friday, March 15, 2013

Yumcha Heroes, Berlin Germany

Location: Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany

We have walked by Yumcha Heroes numerous times, but I never took a look at the menu as the sign outside makes me think of Wing Dome and well...that is not very vegan friendly. This however is a Chinese dumpling place and they have the vegan options clearly marked on the menu. We started with the Steamed Silken Tofu - fresh silken tofu, chili, coriander, and soy sesame sauce. I wasn't expecting to like this as I usually do not like soft tofu. The flavors though were very light but really quite good. A little spicy, but not overpowering. Very good.

We also tried the Pak Choi - steamed pak choi with baked ginger and soy sauce. This was very simple but so so tasty. The ginger paired nicely with the pak choi and it was just so good. Very light flavors again, but delicious.

Next up we tried the vegetarian roll - rice paper with glass noodles, ginger, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and bamboo. This was the only thing that I did not like. Way too many large pieces of mushroom for me and the texture was just not good. Now if you are like most people and like mushrooms it is probably fine for you as Raymond liked it just fine.

We also tried the Green Vegi Dumplings - glass noodles, zucchini, carrots, bamboo, mushrooms. These were pretty good, light flavor and lots of mushrooms but not big enough pieces for the texture to bother me. They came with three sauces, soy sauce and two other sweeter sauces. I also like that they label the bamboo steamers so they don't mix up the different types of dumplings (so you know you will always get your veggie dumplings).

Finally we tried the Green Vegi Soup - dumplings, pak choi and sesame oil. I really liked this soup. There were 3 dumplings in it and the flavors were really great. The broth was good, the dumplings good, the pak choi good, everything came together in one tasty soup.

Overall - I am glad we went to Yumcha Heroes. We will definitely be stopping by again when we are in the area. Everything had light flavors and everything is really tasty.

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