Friday, April 26, 2013

Veggie Grill, Seattle WA

Location: 446 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

I was so excited about Veggie Grill and everything was so tasty on our first visit we had to make time to stop by for a second meal while we were in Seattle. This time we went to the South Lake Union location at lunch time and it was packed! So nice to see so many people eating tasty vegan food for lunch! We started with a cup of the chicken noodle soup served with herb toasted crisps. This super was surprisingly good, lots of veggies, noodles and mock chicken in a tasty broth, but the crackers that came with it were incredibly tasty. They were a little spicy and tasted like parmesan and were just delicious. I would have just ordered some of them if it were offered.

We also tried the chili cheese sweetheart fries which were amazing, but so much food. We couldn't finish them all with everything else we ordered which was a little sad. I love sweet potato fries and the chili was not spicy or anything just really good.

Finally we ordered the Blackened Chicken Sandwich on a bed of steamed kale with a side of cauli-mashed potatoes. The cauli-mashed potatoes were super tasty and the gravy was very good. The chicken sandwich was good as well, though I think I liked our All American Stack better. Still very good.

Overall - If I lived somewhere that had a Veggie Grill I would eat here at least once a week. Everything is super good and I just loved it. Definitely check it out.

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