Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Sweet Lil Cakes, Seattle WA

Location: 1208 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

I love food carts. I think it is because they make me think of hanging out with my friend in Portland raving about the food and eating as much as we can while sitting in the sun. Happy times. So whenever I pass one I have to stop and see if I can eat something. Well we walked by My Sweet Lil Cakes one day and saw they have a green apple, caramel and pecan vegan gluten free option and it sounded super good, so we ordered one. We got it and they warned us to give it a min because it would be very hot. Once I decided it was probably okay to try it we dove right in and...were very disappointed. I mean it had like no flavor. How is that possible? Pecans, apples, caramel and batter = nothing? It didn't make sense. I mean I guess it would have been an alright plain waffle if I had syrup and stuff to put on it, but the fillings were non existant. It was such a disappointment and definitely not worth the price (they are not that big and $6 a piece).

Overall - I was very disappointed in this. It just wasn't that good which made me very sad as I wanted to love it.

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