Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot Cakes, Seattle WA

Location: 5427 Ballard Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

Hot Cakes is a "molten chocolate cakery" in Ballard. I heard about it from a friend before our visit and checked out the menu to find they do indeed have a vegan molten chocolate cake served with whipped coconut milk so of course we had to try it. It is the only thing that is listed as vegan on the menu though we didn't inquire if any of the boozy shakes were as it was mid afternoon and we were not wanting a drink. The cake itself was a tad expensive as it is a tiny little thing of cake, but it is good it is not that much as it is so rich. Raymond loved it, but I had a hard time finishing my half as it was very very rich and chocolaty. It was very good, just a bit much for me to eat a lot of. Really I would have liked more whipped coconut milk to cut some of the richness of the chocolate. Still very tasty.

Overall - I would go back again for another cake if I were with someone to share it with. The chocolate is very rich and tasty.

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