Monday, January 7, 2013

Yellow Sunshine, Berlin Germany

Location: Wiener Straße 19, 10999 Berlin, Germany

We were down in Kreuzberg one evening and needed some place to eat. While searching we found Yellow Sunshine and decided to check it out. It is a vegetarian restaurant with about half vegan options that are clearly labeled. We tried the Mac Wheaty Mexico burger (patty, lettuce, cheese, avacado, peanut sauce) with fries. The fries were delicious and crisp. The burger was really tasty. I liked the cheese the used a lot. One of my favorite things before I was vegan was to have melted crispy cheese, and that is what I had on this burger! I was set. It was really tasty and a good combination of flavors. The burger patty reminded me of these little meatloaf rounds you can get at the supermarket that are vegan. Delicious!

We also tried the double chicken cheese. This is two chicken pieces with cheese and lettuce. This was also really tasty. The chicken was delicious and the same cheese as the other burger. Really I was hard pressed to decide which I liked better. I also think these are the best burgers in Berlin...well maybe. I would have to eat one from Vego and here at the same time to compare and contrast. Either way they are tasty.

Overall - If you are in the area definitely check out Yellow Sunshine. The burgers are really tasty and we will definitely be back for more.

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