Saturday, January 5, 2013

Green Garden, Paris France

Location: 20 Rue Nationale, 75013 Paris, France

Green Garden is an Asian restaurant that is all vegan and has plenty of mock meat options. It is quite a bit south of downtown, but easy to get to by subway so out last meal in Paris we went down to eat here. I was hoping it would be amazing like Tien Hiang that was our first meal and end the trip out on a good food note. We started with the ravioli entree. This had veggie meat on top and filled with sprouts and soy. This was alright. Not as good as the ones we had at Tien Hiang, but not horrible either. They didn't have much flavor by themselves and the sauce they came with had an odd flavor that I couldn't place.

We also tried the soya protein Pekinese style. This was crispy on the outside and really chewy spongy on the inside. The sause was sweet and...I just didn't care for the texture very much. It was...I just didn't like it. I wouldn't order it again.

We also tried the Kai Lan rice noodles - rice noodles, mock meat, and greens. Raymond did not like the mock meat at all - he said it had too strong of a flavor. I enjoyed it, much more than the other dishes, it wasn't what I was expecting it to taste like. I couldn't place the flavor but it was not like the chicken like that I was expecting. This dish was just alright. The noodles were a little crisp and it just did not have much flavor overall.

Finally even though we were pretty full we ordered some fried bananas as they are usually delicious. These were..the batter was just way too greasy for me. I love hot bananas so I took off the batter and just at them that way, but it really wasn't that good which made me very sad. I love fried bananas!

Overall - I would not make the trip down to Green Garden again. The food is just alright and you can get much better elsewhere.

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