Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bok, Vienna Austria

Location: Favoritenstra├če 8, 1040 Vienna, Austria

After wandering around the Natural History museum in Vienna one morning we went down to Bok for some lunch. They have a lot of veggie options and many small things to choose from. First we tried the veggie packages. These had cabbage, carrot and spices inside a wrapper and were amazing! A lot of times fried things such as this are too greasy for me, but these I wanted more of.

Next we tried the Thai tofu - fried tofu with a sweet and spicy sauce. This was also really tasty, the tofu was crisp on the outside and soft inside and still felt really light even though it was fried.

Then we tried the glass noodle salad. I was intrigued as I had no idea what this would be like and the menu was not very descriptive, but I love noodle so I thought let's give it a go. We asked for it to not be spicy as I don't like a lot of spice and it was so so good. Glass noodles, shredder cucumber, carrots, and onion with a sweet dressing. It was very light and summery and was almost like pickles which I love. I definitely need to figure out how to make this as it was incredible.

And finally veggie duck with vegetables. This was interesting. At first I thought the duck was mushrooms as that is what it looked like and I hate them so...then I tried a piece had a really strong flavor and tasted like hot dogs. Not what I was expecting, though I have never had duck so I don't know what it should taste like. It was just odd. Also with the meat was snow peas, carrots, zucchini, sprouts and mushrooms in a teriyaki like sauce which was delicious. Really I would have taken just he veggies as hot dog meat was just odd with the flavors.

Then when we asked for out bill they brought us a little treat sesame Mochi with a bean paste in the middle. Very tasty end to the meal.

Overall - I really enjoyed Bok. The food was light and fresh and delicious.

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