Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lehka Hlava, Prague Czech Republic

Location: Boršov 280/2, 110 00 Prague-Prague 1, Czech Republic

We spent two of our holiday days in Prague checking out their Christmas markets and food. We were supposed to arrive early in the day, but due to some train mix-ups we arrived in the evening. First up we were going to go to Vegan City, but unfortunately it closed early that day so we headed off to our second choice - Lehka Hlava. We had been here on our last trip and I remembered the food being quite good, however I wasn't getting my hopes up since some other places we have gone back to have been not as good. Fortunately Lehka Hlava did not disappoint! We were so hungry by the time we got here we ordered a ton of food, and it was all amazing. First up was the Pâté from smoked tofu and cashew nuts, cranberries served with toasted bread. I was a little skeptical of ordering this as a) I have never had pate and b) we tried some vegan Pate while we were in Paris once and it was disgusting however the cranberries intrigued me enough to order it. I am so glad we did as it was incredible! Seriously I need to know how they made it as...yum! The smoked tofu gave it a nice full flavor, but the cranberries really pulled everything together and gave it a nice sweet tangy flavor burst that just pushed it over to incredible. Without the cranberries I would not have liked it as much. I never would have guessed it, but it worked wonderfully.

Next up was the borschov - their version of borsch. This was tasty, though not at all what I expected flavor wise. I was expecting a sweeter soup from the beets and an earthy flavor, but this had a really meaty flavor. Like a beef soup with carrots and cabbage. Good, just not what I was expecting. We still ate it all.

I don't normally order salads as well I figure I can usually make them at home pretty easily. The rustic salad however sounded delicious and I was feeling like lots of veggies so we gave it a try. The salad consisted of green leafy salad with roasted potatoes, roasted vegetable sausage and beetroot dressing, bread on the side. The potatoes were delicious. I could have just eaten a plate full of them. The sausage was like large bacon bits in flavor which I for one love so it was great. The beet dressing again was not sweet like I expected. It had almost a nutty cheese flavor, which was good but had to get some with ever bite. Overall a delicious salad.

The last main we tried was the bulgur risotto - bulgur with stir-fried tempeh, spring vegetables and sun-dried tomato and peanut pesto. I was excited to try the sun-dried tomato and peanut pesto as it was an starter option but we went with the pate instead. Unfortunately I did not like it at all and did not eat it with the rest of the plate (Raymond however loved it and thought I was crazy). The flavor just was not good to me. The rest though was delicious. It tasted almost like teriyaki which I love but hardly ever get to eat. It was very savory and the salad served on the side was very sweet. Raymond loved the combination and thought they went well together. The salad itself was amazing. It had a nice fruity dressing on it which I wish I knew what it was as I would eat it all the time. So so good.

Overall - We loved Lehka Hlava. If we would have been in town longer we definitely would have gone back. Highly recommended. The waitstaff was very nice and friendly, they spoke English which was nice since I didn't really know any Czech, and the atmosphere is great. I love the decor and the food is incredible. It is not all vegan, but there are plenty of vegan options. Definitely give it a try if you are in Prague.

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