Saturday, January 19, 2013

Xu's Cooking, Vienna Austria

Location: Kaiserstra├če 45, 1070 Vienna, Austria

We arrived in Vienna in the evening and headed right to Xu's Cooking for some dinner. It was a Sunday night and we were the only ones in the place. We started with the assortment plate - vegetable balls and rolls, chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets had a seasoned breading which was tasty, they were firm and meaty and very good. The balls were a dough with peanuts in. Different from what I was expecting, and anything I have had, but they were quite tasty. The peanuts gave it a crunch that was good. The roll had lots of veggies in with a chewy skin (not sure what it was as it didn't seem to be the normal rice paper wrapper) and reminded us of fast food egg rolls in the US. Really greasy, but good. This was also served with a sweet cabbage salad that I loved! It was like pickled cabbage and was delicious and a nice way to cleanse your palate after all the grease.

We also had some steamed dumplings which I love, but cannot find many places here in Berlin. These were tasty and had a strong celery flavor.

And finally we had the crispy chicken and tempura veggies. This was great. The chicken was delicious and the veggies divine.

After we stuffed ourselves silly we asked for the bill and they brought out some non-alcoholic fruit drink which was amazing, as well as a plate of fruit and filo bites. I like that it was oranges and kiwis, and the filo bites had a nutty filling in and were quite tasty. Really it felt like they kept bringing us more things and we were so full we couldn't eat any more! It was delicious though and the people working there were very friendly.

Overall - Definitely check out Xu's Cooking. They have a lunch buffet everyday which is an amazing deal, or you can order from the menu and choose from many delicious options.

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