Monday, January 28, 2013

Xu's Cooking, buffet, Vienna Austria

Location: Kaiserstra├če 45, 1070 Vienna, Austria

After a delicious dinner earlier in the week we decided to go back to Xu's Cooking to try the lunch buffet. It is a great deal as it is cheaper than most of the main dishes so we had to try it. It was actually Christmas day when we were there and the place was pretty crowded by the time we left, and for good reason. It was probably the best buffet we have been to and everything was delicious, though lots of fried food so not the healthiest, though I still wish we had this place here.

Here is my first plate of food - a little bit of everything. I try and try everything so I know what I want more of and so I don't fill up before trying everything

First up they had salads - lettuce, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and peppers. They also had two different cabbage salads, the bottom one was amazing. Light and sweet and delicious.

Next some chips, mini spring rolls, and fried onions. All very tasty. Near the end of the visit this one guy came in and just piled up 2 plates full of the chips and ate them all...not sure if he tried anything else, but he must really love those chips.  

Then there were some fried chicken and potatoes (running low - I came through taking photos right after a big group so some of them are looking empty, though they were quick to get them filled up again). On the right are some fried squash which was so so good, and the peanut balls which are tasty. There were also some fried pot stickers which were really good, but out at the moment.

And some dessert options - some kind of pudding thing (I didn't actually try it), and fried bananas which were amazing. I didn't realize they were bananas balls until after I had eaten a fair amount, but still managed to eat quite a few. I love cooked bananas.

And a bunch of filo bites that we had gotten last time as well.

Then on the top here was an eggplant dish which was really tasty, below that was broccoli and carrots, and some homemade noodles (these were just okay and the only thing I was disappointed in).

Then there is some tofu and peppers, tofu and onion, and veggie ham and beef (my favorite - so good).

Then the top is mango chicken (didn't try as I am allergic to mango), some mushroom dish (didn't try that either as I hate mushrooms) and the only non-vegan dish - fried rice with egg so obviously I did not eat that either.

And finally some avocado sushi which was really good, a pineapple salad which I didn't try as I do not like pineapple, and a cucumber salad which was amazing - so light and tasty. There were also some soups, but I wasn't in a soup mood so I don't know how they were. All in all a very delicious lunch.

Overall - Definitely stop by here for the lunch buffet. It is a great deal and you get to try lots of different dishes that are pretty tasty.

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