Tuesday, January 1, 2013

M.O.B., Pairs France

Location: 32 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France

MOB is a restaurant that we tried to eat at when we were last in Brooklyn, but unfortunately they were closed when we stopped by. When I saw they had a location in Paris as well it went on the list of places to eat at. They really have one thing - a burger and fries. They do have some desserts and other small items you could get, but burger and fries is the meal. It is a tiny place and there are not that many seats, but one big table everyone sits at. The guy working there was very friendly and seems to do everything himself (but really with one item I guess you can get away with that).

Unlike East Side Burgers these were actually good and filling and more than two bites. The patty wasn't mushy and was served with thousand island sauce, relish and onions. Very tasty and I would take the subway here for a burger anytime. The fires are just huge potato wedges cooked well.

We also tried some of the desserts - a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate cheesecake. The chocolate chip cookies was delicious and everything it should be. I wish we would have gotten one to go as well.

The cheesecake was actually pretty good. It was made with coconut, but didn't have a strong coconut flavor. It was nice and chocolatey with a good cracker crust. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Overall - Even though they only have one meal option, the option is pretty tasty. Definitely stop by here if you are in Paris. Besides the food it is a quirky place. There were some plaques with fruits mounted on them like you would see deer heads or something which was just ridiculous and silly and I loved it. The guy working there was friendly and you sit at a communal table so you could make some new friends also.

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