Monday, December 3, 2012

Vegan Folie's, Paris France

Location: 53 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France

On our recent trip to Paris I was very excited to go to Vegan Folie's. I mean it is a vegan bakery so I couldn't wait.

The first thing we tried was a Austin Flower - apricot lavender. This was...I could hardly eat it. It was so overly floral it was overpowering and was hard to swallow. The cake itself was also overcooked and very browned and dry, and you could not taste any apricot flavor as the lavender just overpowers everything.

Next up was the Choc Norris - chocolate chocolate. The frosting nice - chocolatey and light. The cake however was also really dry and not very good. Very disappointing.

Last of the sweets we tried was a cookie sandwich. This was by far the best, but the cupcakes were not good so it was not a hard feat. This however was really tasty. The chocolate chip cookies were delicious, the frosting between not too sweet and complimented the cookies well. I would get these again.

They also served savory cupcakes so we had to try one of them. We went with the L'Indien - curry garam masala. The frosting was curry flavor, the cake had peas and such in it was very strange, but the flavors were good. It took a while to get past the savory cupcake idea while eating it, but it was tasty (though the cake was still dry). I would try another one.

Overall - The cakes were way too dry and overcooked. The cookie sandwich was delicious, and I did like the savory cupcakes, I just wish they wouldn't have been overcooked. If I was in the area and walked by I might get a savory cupcake or the cookies, but I wouldn't make a special trip to go by here.

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