Friday, December 28, 2012

Soya Cantine, Paris France

Location: 20 Rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011 Paris, France

When looking for food when we first arrived in Paris we walked by Soya Cantine but after looking at the menu on the door decided to go somewhere else. It said that most things could be made vegan, but for some reason we just didn't feel like eating there are the time. Then a few nights later we were looking for food or dessert so we walked by again and again did not go in. Finally on the next to last night we were there we were tired but hungry so we were going to go to the closest restaurant to the hotel where we had eaten on the first day. This however was closed and Soya was the next closest, within walking distance so we finally ventured down there to actually try the food. The inside is cozy and dimly lit making for some nice ambiance. We asked our server what could be made vegan and chose from our options. The first thing we tried was the couscous soya. We actually opted for the quinoa instead of wheat as we love quinoa. This was a bowl with quinoa under a tofu steak and roasted red peppers. The bowl on the left held the broth with zucchini, carrots, eggplant, and yellow squash. Served with this was a red sauce and rum soaked raisins. Each individual piece had so much flavor it was great. Put everything together in the one bowl and you have an incredibly delicious bowl of food that was quite filling. Really really tasty.

Our second main was the plate of the day. This consisted of cabbage rolls filled with veggies, soy, nuts and rice. These were so delicious. I could have eaten a plate full of them. On the top corner of the plate are some roasted red peppers where were amazing and sweet. In the center is some rice with steamed greens and caramelized squash on top. Man it was tasty. Unlike Gentle Gourmet the rice was delicious as well as the greens but the squash was amazing. I love squash and this was some of the best I have had. Really incredible. Also on the plate is that ball which was deep fried tofu, chickpeas and green. Also really tasty, but didn't seem to go with the rest of the items on the plate.

Even though we were quite full we asked about the dessert options. They had an apple crumble or a tofu cream. We went with the tofu cream since we had no idea what it would be and wanted to try something different. I am so glad we did - I was a little hesitant as tofu desserts are not always my favorite. The cream had almost a marshmallow texture and was sweet and super tasty. On top was a mixed nut crumble that was so so good. Not overly sweet, but sweet enough. Also on top was a small piece of nut brittle which was amazing. Really delicious dessert.

Overall - Definitely stop in here if you are in Paris. This was probably my favorite meal of the whole trip and I am glad we finally gave it a try. It is more expensive than some place, but it is well worth it. The food was incredible.

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