Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guen Mai, Paris France

Location: 6 Rue Cardinale, 75006 Paris, France

We spent one of our days in Pairs exploring the Louvre and stopped by Guen Mai for lunch. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this restaurant. I couldn't find a menu or anything, but everything is vegan so we ventured off to see what they had. They have two plates of the day which change with the day of the week so we tried one of each. They are both served with the same side. Side note: I love the plates of small bites that seem to be everywhere in Paris. I wish this was a more accepted practice as I like trying out so many different dishes in one. Back to the food here we had the Tempura Veggies which was really tasty. The veggies were still crisp and the batter light. Also served with some carrots which were glazed and so so good, zucchini and leek dish which was buttery and delicious, bulgar which was tasty, lentils which tasted of thyme and were really good, sea vegetables which I enjoyed (I don't like seaweed of seafood and Raymond even commented on the fact that I ate them as he didn't think I would. However they were prepared or whatever they were I liked them), some rice, and finally some uncooked cabbage and carrots. Everything was so tasty and I am glad we got a little bit of everything. 

The other special of the day was Gratinade Tofu served with the same sides. This was really like a little tofu scramble with some herbs and spices. Tasty, but there wasn't much of it (one bite for each of us). 
Overall - I would definitely recommend Guen Mai. The menu changes daily, and they also have some delicious looking soups which we did not get to taste on this visit. 

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