Wednesday, December 26, 2012

East Side Burger, Paris France

Location: 60 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris, France

When I saw that there was a veggie burger place in Paris I knew we had to stop by. East SIde Burger has two different burger selections every day and they can all be made vegan except the cheese one. We decided to try one of each with fries.

First up the day we were there was the L’Oriental - homemade houmous, seaweed and tofu steak, zucchini and eggplant with spices, red onion. The burger itself was pretty tiny, just a few bites to eat the whole thing. The patty was kind of mushy and the toppings...well it just didn't have much flavor in general. Which is a shame. I mean eggplant and zucchini, hummus and seaweed sounds like a weird combo to me, but should be flavorful. I sometimes wonder how people manage to take the flavor out of veggies...

The second burger of the day was the Le Basque= lettuce, basque style tofu steak , cheddar cheese, caramelized and spicy red pepper, tomato. The patty was a little firmer on this one, but still not much flavor over all. Caramelizes flavor. flavor. How do they do it? Really when eating them I couldn't really tell the difference...there was a visual difference, different patties and toppings but flavor wise...not much. If I closed my eyes and tasted one randomly I wouldn't have been able to tell you which one I had.

The fries at least were tasty. Nice and crisp and hot.

We also tried one of the apple tarts. This was not what we were expecting. It was creamy like cream cheese filling and was just okay. I was expecting more apple less filling.

Overall - I would not go back to East Side Burger. Their burgers are tiny, and not very good. Neither of them had any flavor. When we were here the line was out the door the entire time and I am not sure why so many people eat lunch here. Is there no where else to go in the area? Even then I still wouldn't go back. Maybe the quiche and hot dogs are better....

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