Sunday, December 23, 2012

Norbulinga, Paris France

Location: 118 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France

Norbulinga was our final Tibetan restaurant on our list of places to try in Paris. With one great and one not very good Tibetan place already crossed off the list we were hoping this would be more like the good one. We arrive shortly after they opened for dinner so there were not many people there yet. The waiter was very friendly and helpful and we started with the vegetable doughnuts. These were tasty fried dough with a really delicious lightly sweet sauce to go with it. Very good.

Then for our mains we tried the fried noodles. These were delicious with a light tomato flavor and shredded veggies. I still liked the noodles at Khatag better, but there were tasty.

The other main we tried were the crepes. These were filled with lots of vegetables and were spiced similar to the doughnuts. Not sure what the spice mix used was, but it was really good. Very tasty.

Overall - I would definitely come back here. This was Raymond's favorite Tibetan restaurant we went to, though I think I liked Khatag better (though they have different selection of food so it is hard to compare). Either way stop in here.

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