Monday, July 30, 2012

Thai Fusion Bistro, Seattle WA

Location: 323 NE Thornton Pl, Seattle, WA 98125, USA

I went to the movie with a friend at Northgate and a coworker had said that the Thai place across the street was the best Thai ever so we had to check it out. Thai Fusion Bistro was not very busy when we went as it was mid-afternoon. They had a few odd specials that I couldn't eat (ham and cheese spring rolls? odd). I went with my favorite dish Pad See Ew with tofu no egg. This was alright. Nothing special. There was not a lot of flavor which is unfortunate as it should be easy to make a flavorful pad see ew.

Overall - Thai Fusion Bistro was alright. If I were in Northgate and needed something to eat I might stop by. Maybe some of the other dishes are amazing, but the Pad See Ew was just so so.

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