Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cafe One Eight, Lancaster PA

Location: 18 W Orange St, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA

While visiting family in Lancaster we took a day to go to the market downtown and walked around a bit waiting for lunchtime. We happened to walk by Cafe One Eight. It was hot out and I needed a beverage so we walked in and while we were waiting I glanced at the menu. They had a wrap that sounded delicious and summer so we came back for lunch. The Vegan Wrap contained Hummus, cucumbers, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, grapes, apples, baby carrots, mixed greens, broccoli, tomatoes and balsamic dressing on a wheat wrap served with a side of fruit or chips. I chose chips since there was so much fruit in the wrap itself (and really the fruit was what drew me in as I never thought to put fruit in my wraps before). This was amazing! Seriously my favorite wrap ever. The fruit was nice and crisp as well as the veggies and the balsamic really brought it all together wonderfully. There were so many different things in this wrap and I loved it! I am definitely going to be recreating this at home. Especially on a nice hot summer day it is so refreshing and delicious.

Overall - Cafe One Eight is a small place with a few vegan options (or easily veganizable). I highly recommend the vegan wrap as it was amazing! Definitely stop in if you are in the area.

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