Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yam Vegan Deli, Munich Germany

Location: Augustenstra├če 5, 80333 Munich, Germany

Our first day in Munich we woke up and headed down to Yam Vegan Deli for some food. It is a tiny place and everything was kept in a display case so we picked out a few things to try. First was veggie bread with dip - a sweet potato bread with beet dip and greens. I was expecting this to be really good, but it was just alright. The bread was dry and not as flavorful as I would have expected.

Next up was the tofu sandwich - hummus, cucumber, greens, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, on a nut bread. The bread had such a strong flavor it overpowered everything else and that was all you could taste. Without the bread it would have been a very good sandwich as the fillings were super good by themselves, but the bread was way too strong.

Finally we tried the chocolate banana torte. This was really good. A nice balance of chocolate and banana and was creamy and delicious.

Overall - Everything seemed like it was going to be amazing, but unfortunately it either didn't have much flavor or was way too strong of a flavor. The torte was delicious and if we were in the area we might stop by for it again, but otherwise I would probably skip it.

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