Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spicy Spices, Salzburg Austria

Location: Wolf-Dietrich-Stra├če 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Whole walking around Salzburg we came across Spicy Spices and decided to check it out. We ordered a plate of the day with soup and a veggie patty plate. The soup was lentil with carrots and a slight Indian spiced, though it didn't have a lot of flavor. It was alright, not bad but not amazing either.

The plate of the day was a tofu curry (on the left) which was just alright. Kind of watery and not a lot of flavor. It was served with lentils which were seasoned much better and were quite tasty and a little spicy, tons of rice, and a potato dish which was a lot like scalloped potatoes - delicious and slightly sweet.

The veggie patties were also served with the tofu curry, lentils and potatoes. The patties themselves were delicious - lots of veggies (carrots, peas, potatoes) and nicely spiced.

Overall - We would stop by again next time we are in Salzburg. Some of the dishes were just okay, but some were really tasty is not a must go place, but it was good.

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