Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Seed, Lancaster PA

Location: 52 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA

I was very excited to try The Seed as it seemed like it would be an awesome place. I love co-ops and vegan food and it is a community space and their Facebook page makes them just seem so nice. Well we walked in one was very pleasant that we had to deal with to get our food. We were the only people there, three people working and it was...they just were not friendly at all. Though I did love how bright and colorful the space was. On to the food. I ordered the Cuban sandwich (seitan ham, cheese, pickles and mustard) with Mexican Quinoa (quinoa, black and kidney beans, onion and spices). The sandwich was alright, not my favorite I have ever had but alright. I have never had a Cuban sandwich before (really I had never heard of it before this day) and it was fine. The quinoa though I was very disappointed in. They said it had all of these spices and such in it but really it was very bland with a hint of hot spice afterwards somehow. If not for the beans there wouldn't have been much flavor at all which is unfortunate.

My sister ordered the BBQ Sweet Potato Wrap (BBQ Sweet potatoes, micro greens, carrots, cole slaw) with chips. I was disappointed in this one. It was alright, but the cole slaw was not the best and overpowered everything. The sweet potatoes were just okay by themselves which was unfortunate since they are supposed to be BBQ flavor and should have more flavor than they did.

Overall - Not the best, but I would give it another try to see if they just had an off day.

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