Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sfizy Veg, Berlin Germany

I love Sfizy Veg. Yes it can take forever to get your food depending on when you arrive, and yes the place is tiny so if it is really busy you might not get a seat forever, but I still love it. It is probably my favorite place to eat in Berlin and one of my favorite pizza places ever. On this trip we tried the currywurst pizza - tomato sauce, cheese, wurst, curryketchup. This one was alright, I didn't really like the curry ketchup so I just scraped those blobs off of my piece and it was all good. That plus our other pizza was incredible so it kind of overshadowed this one.

The other pizza we ordered was the Genova - tomato sauce, cheese, pesto, potatoes and basil. This one was unbelievably good. So tasty. The pesto was great and everything really just came together in an amazing pizza. One of my favorites for sure. We are still working our way through the menu to try them all before repeating, but this is on the to get again list!

Overall - I really love Sfizy Veg. It is some of the best pizza we have had and if we lived closer we would order delivery all the time! Definitely check it out if you are in Berlin, but be prepared you might have a bit of a wait (or call in an order before you go - there is a park across the street if it is nice out you could enjoy your pizza there).

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