Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tanne B, Berlin Germany

Location: Eisenbahnstra├če 48, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Tanne B is already one of our favorite ice cream shops in Berlin. We were out and about and stopped in for some ice cream and I saw someone go outside with a waffle that looked delicious. I told Raymond how I wanted that and he asked if I could eat it. I replied probably not as well...they usually are not vegan. He searched for a menu to look at the waffles...and they were vegan! That was super exciting for me so we had to get one with some soy chocolate ice cream (my favorite). The waffle was delicious. They are made to order so they are still hot when you get them and they are just really really good. It is for the best that we don't live closer to here otherwise I would go way too often for some waffles and ice cream. Delicious.

Overall - Definitely get a waffle with your ice cream!

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