Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pow Wow, Berlin Germany

Location: Dieffenbachstra├če 11, 10967 Berlin, Germany

We were out and about exploring Kreuzberg one day and needed some dinner. We searched on the map and found a pizza place that was supposed to have vegan pizza, but it was not to be had there. We were stuck so we looked at the place across the street, Pow Wow, to see if they had anything good. They had a list of veggie burgers to choose from that could be vegan so we checked it out. I mean normally places might have one if it is not a veggie restaurant so we were excited. First we tried the tofu-peanut burger (tofu, peanut sauce, soy sauce, sesame seeds with tomato, pickles and onions) with french fries. This was Raymond's favorite, but I just thought the other burger we got was better. The soy with the peanut sauce was a little just wasn't my favorite combination, and the peanut sauce wasn't my favorite I have had ever, but it wasn't bad. If this was all we had gotten I would have been happy with it.

The other burger we tried was the Soja Burger ("soy meat", grilled eggplant, zucchini, soy sauce with tomato, onion and pickles) served with home fries. I loved this one. The soy meat is like seitan and the grilled veggies were just delicious. The home fries were also way better than the french fries and we both wished we would have gotten them with both burgers (oh well now we know next time). Everything on this burger went together perfectly and the flavors were great.

Overall - We will definitely be going back to Pow Wow to get burgers again. If you go get the home fries as they are way better than the french fries. 

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