Thursday, September 20, 2012

Munchen Haus, Leavenworth WA

Location: 709 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826, USA

Munchen Haus is a beer hall in the German inspired town of Leavenworth WA. Now the whole town is not really anything like Bavaria, but it is cheesy and we had never been. We wanted to go hiking near town so we went for some food afterwards. Munchen Haus has one vegan option - a field roast sausage. The way it works if they give you the sausage and you can put whatever you want on it out of their various condiments. I added some curry ketchup, apricot mustard, they had fresh pear chutney that day which was delicious, and the best kraut I have ever had! It was amazing and I am not usually a big kraut fan. Like I will take a little on a sandwich or something, but not very much. This I could just eat in a bowl with nothing else. So good we stopped back the following day on the way home to get another one.

Overall - if you are in the area definitely stop by here. The kraut is amazing and the number of condiments to choose from is kind of incredible as well. Most of them are vegan. 

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