Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh la la Tartes Shop, Berlin Germany - Brunch

Location: Mainzer Stra├če 18, 12053 Berlin, Germany

We walked by Oh la la Tartes Shop one day and saw they have a vegan brunch on Saturdays. I was really excited as when we asked about it they said there would be baked goods like croissants, some hot food items, crepes, etc. It sounded wonderful. We made a reservation and showed a fairly disappointing brunch. I looked at their facebook page and the photos have lots of baked good and yummy looking things. We had the above - some crepes with jams to put in them - they were super sweet and tasty, but I couldn't eat a ton of them as they were so sweet. In the small round container was a mint cucumber cold soup which was alright. Above that was some zucchini pasta which was...not the best I have had. Some salad and a little dessert with raspberry and this delicious marshmallow creamy stuff on top.

Later they also added some tofu and spinach dish (at the top of the plate) which was not very flavorful. There was a chocolate mini cupcake that was super dry and not very good, some tofu next to that and pineapple, and some chocolate mousse which was amazing. They did have some rice cakes, but no other baked good like I had been hoping. Really I was really disappointed in the brunch - I left still hungry, but I couldn't eat any more crepes.

Overall - I really would like to go back and try the brunch again. I was expecting baked goods and yummy treats, but the brunch we had was....there wasn't much except sugar. I would also like to go back and try their vegan quiche someday.

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