Sunday, September 2, 2012

Caramelli, Berlin Germany

Location: W├╝hlischstra├če 31, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Our tour of vegan ice cream in Berlin continues with Caramello. We have gone by here a few times and they usually only have like vanilla and other flavors that I am just eh on so we don't usually get anything. This day they had chocolate sorbet so we tried it in a waffle cone. The sorbet was...well it was chocolatey, but not as good as the soy chocolate ice creams we have had other places. Yeah I know it is sorbet, but well I don't know I still expected it to be better. It was alright, but you might as well walk up to Der Eisbarliner if you want ice cream and are in the area. They are way better.

Overall - Caramello is just alright. Der Eisbarliner is just up the road and is a much better option.

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