Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whole Earth Bakery, New York City

Location: 48 St Marks Pl, Staten Island, NY 10301, USA
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On our trip to NYC we stopped by Whole Earth Bakery. We walked in and there was a case full of treats for us to try. It was hard trying to decide what we should get. Since we didn't have anywhere else where we were going to get pizza in NYC we decided to try a slice - a whole wheat crust, tofu and veggies. This was...not the best. It was really oily and greasy for no apparent reason. The crust was dry, the flavor wasn't great. I wouldn't get this again.
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The soup of the day was split pea which I love so I had to try this. Skillet corn bread was cheap if you got soup so we said why not and got the corn bread as well. The soup was really good, though Raymond didn't like it much because it was too brothy (he only likes thick soups). I thought it tasted great. The cornbread though...that was dry and flavorless just like the pizza.
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We also tried a sweet treat - the Chocolate chip chewy. This like the other baked items was dry and didn't have much of a flavor. To be honest I am not sure how this place stays open when there are so many amazing bakeries in NYC with vegan good, at least one within walking distance of here. Overall I would not go back here. The soup was the only good item we had. The baked goods were all dry and flavorless and we didn't end up eatting it all. If you want vegan treats go somewhere else.

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