Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stogo, New York City

Location: 159 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003, USA
From Food
Stogo is an amazing vegan ice cream shop! They had 18 different flavors of ice cream with a few different bases (soy, coconut, etc). The flavors they had were not the standard fair. Sure they did have some chocolate, but they also have green tea, bananas foster, and many more exciting flavors! We sampled just about all of them and they were all incredible! Teh people working there were also super nice. All of the flavors were all so good it was hard to choose which ones we would like to eat more of.
From Food
We ended up getting a large cup with bananas foster, salted caramel pecan, and hemp chocolate. As we were eating Raymond asked me which flavor was my favor...and I was hard pressed to choose. When I tried the bananas foster I thought oh this is the best ice cream ever! Then I tried the salted caramel pecan and thought no this is the best one! Then the hemp chocolate and that was the best! and on and on. Really this is probably the best ice cream, vegan or non, that I have ever had. I wish we had Stogo in Seattle...or maybe I don't because then I would eat way too much of it. If you are in NYC then this is a must stop!

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