Friday, January 20, 2012

Terri, New York City

Location: 60 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010, USA
From Food
We recently spent 36 hours in New York City and ate as much food as we could! Our first stop was Terri, a nice vegan sandwich place in Chelsea. There are only a couple of seats at a counter by the windows and it was incredibly busy while we were there. Everyone working there was friendly and helpful and the food came out very quick (which was good as we were very hungry!) The problem with Terri? Way too many options that sounded amazing! They have sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and juices, shakes and desserts, lots of amazing food. I like that I could get healthy options at this fast food type sandwich place. I also loved the space - high ceilings, very bright from natural light, just very open. We ordered two sandwiches - the first a buffalo chicken sandwich. I don't think I have ever had buffalo sauce before, and it isn't my favorite. This sandwich however was really good and consisted of "chicken", buffalo sauce, vegenaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, and celery. I think the other ingredients on the sandwich helped temper the buffalo sauce for me.

From Food
The second sandwich we ordered was the meatball sandwich - "meatballs", marinara sauce, Daiya mozzarella. One of the few things I miss from my meat eating days is meatball sandwiches. This one came with an extra container of marinara sauce to dip it in which was wonderful. This was definitely one of the better meatball sandwiches I have had. There was a lot of Daiya, but it was not overpowering. I loved dipping the sandwich in the marinara instead of having on the sandwich and making a mess. I wish we would have had more time in NYC - we will definitely be going back to Terri to try some more of their sandwiches.

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