Monday, January 16, 2012

On Orange, Lancaster,PA

Location: 108 W Orange St, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA
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While looking for places to eat while visiting family in Lancaster I came across a listing that indicated On Orange had vegan breakfast option. Since breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out (for some reason I dislike making breakfast - I live to cook, but not breakfast) we had to try it out. We got there around 10am on a weekday and it was packed! We waited about 15 min to be seated at the bar. Everyone working there was very accommodating. They have 2 vegan options - one of which was the vegan Swedish pancakes (there is a surcharge to make them vegan). These were made with organic oats and usually come with stewed apples, but since these were not vegan they offered us applesauce instead. They also have vegan margarine to use if you would like and real maple syrup. We also got a side of vegan sausage. I really enjoyed these pancakes. They were a little gooey and very hearty and filling. I think one would have been plenty, but we thought they were going to be thin pancakes some got two and brought one of them home. The sausage was pretty good - not my favorite vegan sausage, but good.
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We also tried the vegan waffle with sausage. I believe they use the same batter as the pancakes but for some reason I really didn't like these. I think there was too much surface area that was cooked and kind of crispy. I don't know...whatever it is I would order the pancakes I instead.
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With the check they usually give you chocolate chip cookies, but since they are not vegan they gave us chocolate covered coffee beans! It is very nice to still be included like that. Overall a good option if you want to go out for breakfast while in Lancaster. The people are very accommodating and all in all it was a great dining experience.

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