Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lanviet, Lancaster,PA

Location: 14 E King St, Lancaster, PA 17602, USA
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Lanviet is a small hole in the wall restaurant in a strip mall type area. When you walk in the dining room is nothing spectacular - it feels more like a cafeteria than a restaurant. They have a whole page of vegetarian options. I had read a review that most everything on the vegetarian menu was vegan, but upon asking the lo mean and chow men noodles contain eggs. Everything else we could eat. The waitstaff was incredibly friendly and helpful. When I had originally asked about things being vegan she had thought the lo mein was, but she went back to the kitchen to double check which is always nice. Everything was also incredibly cheap here - you could get a comination lunch special for $5! Anyway, we tried an order of the Bean curd, vegetable, and mock duck spring rolls. The vegetable spring rolls...well I wouldn't order them again as they were basically just lettuce in a rice paper wrapper. The tofu and mock duck spring rolls were both very good. The mock duck was probably my favorite (I believe the mock duck was just flavored seitan).
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For entrees we got the special combination fried rice (combination means tofu and mock duck). This was another place where they do not add egg to the dishes so no need to ask for them to leave the egg out of the rice. This fried rice was good, it had a very light flavor. One thing I would change though is offer brown rice because I prefer that to white, but this was still tasty.
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We also got the special vegetarian rice noodles. This also had a very light flavor which was nice, though it was a little oily (but I was in the mood for it at the time go it was good).
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The last entree we ordered was the curry mock duck and bean curd. I really enjoyed this. The flavor was really good, just a little bit of spice (though too spicy for my mom who cannot handle any spice) and I really enjoyed it. Overall I would recommend this place. The mock duck was delicious, the favors very light and the staff incredibly helpful.

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