Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tien Hiang, Paris France

Location: 14 Rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France

We recently took a trip to Paris and ate at as many places as we could. We arrive at lunchtime so our first stop was Tien Hiang for some food. First up was the Bahn Cuon (Vietnamese ravioli). These had mushrooms and mock meat in them served over bean sprouts in a rice papper wrapper. These were incredibly good. Very light and it felt like I could have eaten a ton of them without getting full. I loved them, and I don't like mushrooms so that is an accomplishment.

We also tried the Skewers with peanut sauce. This came out on a sizzling plate like fajitas and had zucchini, peppers, tofu and mock pork. This was also really good. The photo in the menu did not look that appetizing, but Raymond wanted to try them and it was his birthday so I said okay (the menu picture was an odd orangey color and just look off). I am glad we did! The tofu was crispy, the pork was like ham log which I love, the peppers were caramelized and super tasty, the zucchini was delicious, all in all wonderful.

Finally we tried the beef black pepper stir fry - peppers, ginger, celery, carrot and mock beef. This had a really nice flavor, the sauce was really good with a little but of spice, the mock beef was my favorite mock meats and it really reminded me a lot of Moonlight Cafe in Seattle which is one of my favorite restaurants. I was petty happy to have this as a first meal in Paris.

Overall - Definitely stop here if you are in Paris. The flavors are light but delicious and everything we had was really really good. I wish we would have been able to stop by again before we left, but unfortunately we did not have time.

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