Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chutney's Queen Anne, Seattle WA

Location: 519 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

We were headed to the ballet at McCaw Hall so we decided to stop by Chutney's Queen Anne for dinner before the show. We usually end up going to Bamboo Garden which is always good, but we decided to switch it up. We arrive and there was no one else in the restaurant (which is odd as it was Friday evening and the other places we were passing on the way were packed). Odd but hopefully the food will be good. The first issue we had was that some of the items listed on the vegan menu were not in fact vegan. Luckily the waitstaff told us this, but really why is it listed on that menu then? We probably should have taken the hint and went somewhere else at this point, but we didn't. We started with some pakoras which were the best part of the meal. Not the best I have ever had, but good.

We then tried the Chana Saag which was...tasteless. It really had no flavor which is odd. Spinach dishes are my favorite at Indian places and this was just....mush that was not good. I was incredibly disappointed.

We also tried the vegetable vindaloo which did have some flavor, just not the right kind. It tasted like spaghetti sauce with vegetables in it which was just kind of odd. Maybe if it was served over pasta I would have enjoyed it, but as an Indian dish it was not good.

Overall - I would not recommend Chutney's Queen Anne. The food was not good, didn't have much flavor or the wrong flavor and it was just not a place I would go back to.

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