Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hungry Tiger Too, Portland OR

Location: Portland Ave & 12th St, Bay City, OR 97107, USA

After a night of drinking with friends and staying out late we woke late and had a nice greasy breakfast at Hungry Tiger Too. Well really I guess it was more like brunch since it was closer to lunch, but it was still tasty. They have an entire vegan menu full of delicious sounding things so it was hard to choose. I wanted to try their cheese sauce so something with that was first up - the Belly Rocker Burger - Tempeh bacon, house made cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion with thousand island dressing. Delicious! Served with sweet potato fries which I love. Just what I wanted, and the cheese sauce I really liked. It was not overpowering and had a nice flavor.

We also ordered the corn dog basket with tots. These were greasy deliciousness, though the hot dog was tasty it was not my all time favorite. The corn bread batter was good and really I don't find corndogs very many places so I was happy with them.

Overall - Hungry Tiger Too was great for a greasy brunch. Next time I want to go back and sample their breakfast options and some of their drinks which sounded really tasty. 

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