Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moonlight Cafe, Seattle WA

Location: 1919 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144, USA

Moonlight Cafe is a great restaurant in Seattle. They have a normal menu and an entire vegan menu which is great. On this trip we tried the chicken fried rice. This was good, but it did not have a lot of flavor. It was just like rice and veggies and mock chicken without seasoning. Good, but not the best.

We also tried the sweet and sour spare ribs. Normally I am not a big sweet and sour fan. Most places I have had it is tofu or something covered in batter and deep fried which I just don't like that much. This however was just super delicious mock meat in a tasty sauce. Whatever they use for the spare ribs is what they use for the pork skewers which are one of my favorite foods ever. This however is better since you get a lot more for your money. Man if I only knew what they used/how they prepared this mock meat I would be in heaven! Seriously it is one of my favorite foods no matter what sauce they put on it.

Overall - Moonlight is great for vegan Asian foods. They have a separate vegan menu with lots of tasty options.

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