Monday, October 22, 2012

Chay Viet, Berlin Germany

Location: Brunnenstra├če 164, 10119 Berlin, Germany

I met Raymond for dinner after work one day and we decided to try out Chay Viet. I miss Pho as it was one of my staples in Seattle and Chay Viet is a vegetarian (almost completely vegan) Vietnamese restaurant with pho listed on the menu! We started with some Goi Cuon-Summer rolls. Now I love fresh rolls or summer rolls or whatever as they are so light and delicious. These had tofu, rice noodles, lettuce, mint, cucumbers and peppers. Sounds tasty, but somehow it had no flavor without the dip and by themselves not good. The dipping sauce was peanut something and I really didn't like it either...I think this is the first time I have been really disappointed with fresh rolls. Yeah some are better than others but overall I don't think I would order these ones again.

Raymond ordered the Pho Xao - rice noodles with veggies, tofu and a Vietnamese sauce. This was delicious! I have also missed my rice noodle dishes here in Berlin (most Thai places have curries and maybe fried rice, but not my rice noodle favorites). The flavors were strong, the veggies crisp, overall I would definitely eat this again. The portions were also quite large - we had a hard time finishing all of our meal.

I ordered the Pho Chua to try something different. This was rice noodles, tofu, ginger lemongrass soup. This was just alright. I was not the biggest fan of the flavor and probably should have stuck with the normal pho to try that out. The other issue was the rice noodles - you could tell they were not fresh and they were still a little hard like they had not been soaking to soften them long enough.

Overall - I was really impressed with the rice noodle dish and those are hard to find in Berlin. The Pho was not the best, but I do want to go back and try the normal pho. We have tried this restaurant again and tried different dishes and they just were not very good. I would skip this restaurant.

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