Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pancake Mill, North Bend OR

Location: North Bend, OR, USA

On a trip down to visit Raymond's grandparents in Florence, OR we took a drive down the coast for a bit the one day. We needed some lunch and while driving by the Pancake Mill we saw a sign for vegan chilli so we stopped in to try it out. I mean there are not very many options in the small towns along the coast. I think they only have veggie chilli and without the cheese it is vegan. They served it with way too many large slices of onions, but they were easy to take off. The chilli itself was amazing. Way better than I expected for a small non-vegan restaurant. I would eat this again anytime.

We also tried the taco salad without cheese. Tortilla chips, lettuce, soy meat, olives and salsa. I with there would have been more veggies or something on it, but overall surprisingly good. The salsa was really good, and I was surprised they even had soy meat to put on it (the menu is mostly meat and eggs and such).

Overall - I was pleasantly surprised by the vegan options at the Pancake Mill. The waitress was very friendly and made sure everything was vegan and I would stop in again if I were in the area.

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