Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wayward Cafe, Seattle WA

Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From Vegan Gastrobot
We go to Wayward Cafe almost ever week for breakfast after the farmers market. It is our Saturday morning tradition and one of the few places to get amazing breakfast in Seattle as a vegan. On this trip we ordered the lumberjack - scrambled tofu, sham, sausage, tempeh bacon, hash browns

From Vegan Gastrobot
and three silver dollar pancakes. The pancakes were delicious as always, though larger than a silver dollar. The sham I wasn't a fan of...I am not sure why. Raymond thinks it is because it tasted like ham where as the fake ham log doesn't. Really he hasn't had ham in probably as long as me so can you really say what it actually tasted like? In any case he enjoyed it. Everything else was great as well.

From Vegan Gastrobot
We also tried the McWayward - an english muffin with tofu, cheese, and ham served with has browns as well. This was really good - better than the breakfast sandwich from Georgetown Liquor Company.

Overall - Wayward is definitely our favorite breakfast place in Seattle, and really one of the one places to get options for breakfast. Definitely check it out. And they are you to be open for dinner soon! I cannot wait to see what the dinner menu will look like.

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