Friday, March 30, 2012

City O' City, Denver CO, second visit

Location: Denver, CO, USA
From Vegan Gastrobot
The last place we ate in Denver was a second visit to our first stop - City O' City. There were a lot of items on the dinner menu that we wanted to try so we ordered a lot of food and brought some home with us.

From Vegan Gastrobot
The first thing we ordered was the fork & knife sandwich - Meatless loaf with gravy and fries on a pretzel, served with sauteed greens. I ordered this one mainly for the pretzel as I love a good soft pretzel and why not get it with some extras? I was a little disappointed in this - the pretzel just tasted like bread, the meatless loaf was good but not amazing, but the fried and gravy were good. I think I also had high expectations since the other food we had had was so amazing.

From Vegan Gastrobot
We also ordered the mac and cheese because I have to try it if it is an option. This one was pretty good, even though the photo is blurry. It wasn't incredibly cheese, but it had a nice smooth flavor.

From Vegan Gastrobot
We also got some BBQ seitan wings. These were very good. The BBQ sauce was a little spicy and I normally don't like ranch, but it paired perfectly with these and helped cut down on the spice. They were very chewy and toothy and we brought most of them home with us.

Overall - definitely go to City O' City. Most of the items were amazing, I am told the pizza is great, and the savory waffle was Raymond's favorite food on our Denver area adventure.

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