Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dragonfish, Seattle WA

Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From Vegan Gastrobot
My one friend loves Dragonfish in downtown Seattle. It is her favorite restaurant and she goes there all the time. I have been a few times and while it is good food, it is not the best food I have ever had. Also, it is fairly expensive for just okay food so I don't go with her often. She wanted to get together for happy hour and she had some coupons to use here so we agreed to meet up. While their normal menu is quite expensive, their happy hour menu is well priced.

From Vegan Gastrobot
First up was a tofu veggie roll - cucumber, kaiware, avocado, yama gobo, and tofu. This was simple, but really tasty. I keep venturing farther into my sushi tasting - I was never a fan but I have found that as long as the rice is on the outside and the first thing that hit my tongue I enjoy it (I really dislike seaweed).

From Vegan Gastrobot
Next we had some curry fries. My friend thinks these are the best thing ever, but I think they are just okay. I mean they are good, but not remarkable. I would never say you have to go here and try the curry fries like my friend does. They are fried nicely, with a hint of curry flavor.

From Vegan Gastrobot
Next up was lemongrass tofu. This was just alright. It did not have much flavor which was disappointing, especially since it was the most expensive item we ordered from the happy hour menu. It was just not remarkable.

From Vegan Gastrobot
We also ordered some vegetable spring rolls. These were just alright - not the best spring rolls I have ever had and the sauce that came with them was not the best either. We also had some edamame which I forgot to take a photo of and as always it was delicious.

Overall - if you are in the area and want some cheap drinks and food then this is an okay option. The food is not the best food ever, but it is good. We would go back for cheap sushi happy hour.

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