Sunday, October 6, 2013

Viasko, Berlin Germany

For our anniversary this year we decided to go to Viasko for dinner. We had eaten here years ago when we were just visiting, but had not made it back since we moved to Berlin. We started with the Wonton lasagna with avocado and beetroot mousse with caramelized tofu red cabbage salad. This was so amazing. The avocado mousse could overpower the whole dish, but the beetroot mousse was amazing. Really I never had anything like this, the crispy wonton, the velvety mousses, the smokey salad all came together into an amazing bite of food. So good and probably my favorite thing we are there.

We also tried the cheese spatzel. We had this dish in Munich and loved it so I was hoping for a similar dish. This one was very different, it reminded of us breakfast foods. It came with a salad and onion rings and had smoked tofu in it, which I think helped make us think of bacon and eggs. It was really tasty, but not as cheesy as I expected. Still really good and I would go back for more.

The last dish we tried was the seitan ragout with homemade dumplings and green beans. The dumplings were really tasty, with herbed breadcrumbs. The green beans were cooked well and were quite good. The seitan ragout was tasty, but a little overwhelming with the flavors. This was our least favorite dish we tried, but we still enjoyed it. We were going to get some dessert, but these three dishes were so much food we couldn't fit any in our stomachs.

Overall - I really liked Viasko. Everything we had was good and I would definitely go back. They have brunch on the weekend, which we really need to try out. They also change their menu often so we will be back to try some more dishes.

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