Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sfitzy Veg, Berlin Germany

I know I have posted about Sfizy Veg before, but it really is one of my top two places to eat in Berlin. So tasty. Some of the best pizza I have ever had. Everything we have ever tried here has been amazing. I know it can take a while to get your food if it is busy, but it is always worth the wait. Every time we go we have to keep trying new things until we have gone through the menu. This is what we told ourselves or else we would keep getting the same thing and never find new favorites! On this trip we tried the chorizo pizza. I was expecting more of a chorizo crumble, but the slices were tasty.

We also tried the spinach ricotta pizza. This is a new favorite as it was so light but delicious. The ricotta was light and spinach went well with it. The crust as always was delicious.

Overall - Definitely stop by Sfitzy Veg if you are in Berlin. It is one of two restaurants I would definitely eat at if I only had a short time here.

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